I normally post once a week on Saturdays. However, this being a long weekend in India, we are going to Kabini in Karnataka, India. Hence this early post. Kabini is breathtakingly beautiful and is located by the side of a river and has been rated by British Tatler’s Travel Guide as one of the top 5 wildlife sanctuaries in the world.We got a flavor of the birdlife in Thattekad, Kerala, India in the first two parts of the “Birding in India” series. This time around we take you to BR Hills, a wildlife sanctuary in Karnataka, India. BR Hills is very special to us, since it’s the place where we had our first tiger sighting in the wild.The Jungle Lodges & Resorts in BR Hills is located inside the sanctuary area. So one can find many bird species in and around the camp area. This series gives a glimpse of the birdlife found there.Our priced catch in the many trips we have made to BR Hills is this shot of the Brown Fish Owl with a stripped Coral snake kill. We took this picture around 9 pm right inside the camp site.

Another picture of this beautiful species, this was shot on one of the safaris into the sanctuary.

Emerald Doves are widespread residents, however they are shy birds and difficult to find in open perches. We were really lucky when this fellow came and perched on a tree by the side of the safari track.

The Jerdon’s Lark is pretty easy to spot when it starts singing. We spotted this beauty by the side of the main road singing melodiously. I clicked away to my heart’s fill from just about 2-3 feet away; of course using my car as a hide.

We were on this trek late morning to spot wildlife, especially tiger. We weren’t able to spot a tiger on the trek, we however found this Indian Nightjar, a noctural species, right on the jeep tracks.

On my way out of BR Hills, We spotted this Red-wattled Lapwing trying to dry itself after the rains. Since it was busy with getting dry, it did not notice my car getting to a few feet away resulting in this full frame shot.