This is the third and final part of the spectacular sighting of Arrowhead – a bold Tigress in Ranthambore National Park. In case you missed out the the previous two parts, here they are for your reading.

Part 1 : Struck by an Arrowhead in Ranthambore and Part 2 : Roadblock by Arrowhead in Ranthambore

All territorial Bengal Tigers have a very confident walk. And in this post, we feature Arrowhead walking down the jungle path, doing a confident catwalk for us. It wasn’t long before Arrowhead, who was lying on the ground, got up and started to walk towards a tree next to the track.



We thought, after scent marking the tree, she would vanish into the forest. But instead, she turned around and walked straight towards us. We were left with no option but to switch on the engine and reverse our vehicle to put some distance between us and this bold Tigress. That’s when we captured the head-on pose that we made into the feature image (first picture) of this post. It was now clear that this Tigress was absolutely not concerned with our presence and kept coming towards us. We kept on reversing the vehicle to keep a distance between us and the Tigress.


After a while of this start-reverse-stop sequence, Arrowhead once again settled down bang in the middle of the road and gave us some spectacular poses before finally getting up and walking away into the Ranthambore wilderness. The final picture, where her face is covered by her paw, is like signaling to us, that she had enough of our cameras.