During one of our safaris into the Serengeti National Park, we saw a lone vehicle parked on the tracks, a tell tale sign that something had been sighted. When we got closer, we saw a Cheetah sitting in the grass not far from the road. The Cheetah looked restless and every once in a while looked around to the other side of the road. When we scanned around, we spotted two cubs hidden in the tall grass.

It looked like the mother Cheetah had crossed the road but as a tourist vehicle had reached the point, the cubs had got frightened and stayed put in the grass. Every time the mother Cheetah called, the cubs would sit up in the grass showing themselves, but didn’t have the courage to cross the road.

Finally the mother got up and walked towards the road and crossed it to get to her cubs. She wanted to comfort them that all was well. Finally the mother and cubs were together as seen in the feature image of this post. Please check out the next post to see what happened next.