The previous post was about the African Elephant herd that we observed crossing the road in a calm and collected manner. Within the herd, there were two sub-adult elephants chasing each other. This made for a cool composition and I decided to track them as they ran around the herd.

Soon they locked horns in a mock fight and I kept my camera focussed on them just in case this turned out to be something more exciting. The squabble started getting interesting and I switched to my trusted D700 300mm f2.8 with 2x TC and got a close composition.

Soon the mock fight turned into a serious sparring match and the herd receded into the distance giving these young titans adequate room to settle scores. And settle scores they did in typical spoilt juvenile manner. I did not let go of the opportunity and kept clicking away. The feature image (first picture) was taken at the peak of the tussle. After a few minutes of sparring with each other in full throttle, the boys lost interest and they shook hands (trunk) and called for a truce.