The trip to Coorg Wilderness Resort in Madikeri got a whole lot more interesting with this spectacular find. The resident naturalist at the resort had spotted a pair of Malabar Grey Hornbills that were preparing a nesting site on a tree that wasn’t too far from the reception building. He sounded me off that late afternoons would be a good time to spot these subjects on that tree. So one afternoon, I set up my camera on the balcony of the reception building and waited. And it turned out to be an incredible sighting. The courting Grey Hornbill pair were busy preparing the hold in the tree trunk giving the opportunity for an amazing photo session. It was clear who was in charge, the female of course, as she diligently kept making the hole in the trunk, while the male Malabar Grey Hornbill religiously kept bring food and kept stashing it in the nest. The afternoon sunlight was a bit harsh, the light and shadows cast on the nesting site added to the drama. Here’s what we came back with.