We were on the last safari of this visit to Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary. It was a beautiful bright morning with clear skies and we didn’t have to drive far before we had the sighting of this drive. We spotted a Wild Dog, commonly known as Dhole, sitting alongside the road. We stopped our vehicle at the far end reach of my 600mm lens and waited for the other members of this pack to reveal themselves.

We soon realised that this was the dominant pair of the Wild Dogs – when the female joined her partner. Once the Dholes got comfortable with our vehicle, they went about preening, giving us many photo ops, which we gleefully accepted.

The Wild Dogs were watchful and alert every once in a while giving the impression that they would have recently eloped and ran away from their pack to establish a new family. It was heartening for us to know this, as Dholes are an endangered species in the Indian Wilderness.