During this trip to Bandipur we sighted many birds, including one of the elusive raptors – the Black Eagle, that is said to be rarer than Tigers. Some of the birds that we saw, we shared them in the previous post on Birding in Bandipur.

If you are on the lookout, sometimes even the common birds give you a not so common sighting. This is exactly what happened with the Rose-ringed Parakeet feeding its offspring. The frozen in time Brown Fish-Owl is always a welcome spotting.

Finally, coming to the feature subject of this post – the Asian Wild Dogs, commonly known as Dhole. We spotted a small pack of three Dholes and got close to them. We directed our attention to the Alpha pair. While the Alpha female looked at us through the tall grass, the dominant male kept his gaze focussed on us and at one point, he made clear his displeasure of our presence which we captured in our feature image.