We have seen and photographed the spectacular courtship dance of the Peacock in the Indian Wilderness. But every time, it amazes us how there is a slight variation to the experience. And this time around it was an incredible experience, once again. We were on a safari in Bandipur when we first spotted this Peacock dancing, at a distance ahead on the safari tracks.

We got closer to the action and stopped and observed. There was a distinct difference to this courtship dance because the pulsating feather train was creating such a loud shuddering / rattling noise. It was like the rattle of a Rattle Snake, so loud that something told us this was not usual. It didn’t take us too much time to figure out the puzzle. To our left near the lantana there was another Peacock, dancing as well. The big difference was that the Peahens seemed to be attracted to him, and maybe that was why this Peacock, standing in front of us, was hustling while dancing.

This was one of the first times we have photographed an interested Peahen in the same frame as the dancing Peacock. Made for a lovely composition completing the story.