Corbett is indeed a birding paradise and in this third part of the “Birding in Corbett” series we feature some more of the beauties that we sighted there.

The first of the lot was the Crested Kingfisher, whom we chanced upon when we went on a quick evening drive to the banks of the Ramganga river, which runs through the Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary. This stunning bird, which has a distinct crest is a resident of the Himalayas and is much larger than the Pied Kingfisher in size. We caught a glimpse of it and were just within range to take a couple of images.

We photograhed the below Common Kingfisher in the Bijarani range of the Corbett Wildlife Sanctuary. You can see more images of this beauty in an earlier post here.This image of the Long-billed Pipit washed in golden morning sunlight was taken along the fringes of Camp Forktail Creek.And finally, these couple of images of the Plumbeous Water Redstart were taken on the banks of the Ramganga river, where we had also sighted the Crested Kingfisher.