A pair of Crested Serpent Eagles were perched on a high branch of a dead tree and they made a beautiful partial silhouette composition against the brightly lit blue sky.  We made it the feature image of this post. As we were exiting the Eastern range of Kaziranga National Park, we spotted a Red Junglefowl that was so busy foraging that it did not bother at our approaching jeep. We managed to get as close as possible to it before taking this closeup portrait.

Red Junglefowl

Bar-headed Geese

This flock of Bar-headed Geese are one among the many hundreds of flocks that migrate to Kaziranga during this time of the year. The Common Teal (below) was photographed at a waterhole in Central Kaziranga, moments before it took notice of us and flew away.

Common Teal

Bay-backed Shrike

This Bay-backed Shrike was perched on a stump with a clear background making this lovely portrait possible and the Pied Kingfisher (below) was waiting motionless for a fish, thereby making it possible for us to get another lovely potrait.

Pied Kingfisher