Walk the Wilderness completes one year with this post. How time flies?! A big thank you to all of you – our friends and followers. Your visits and comments have been our motivation and we have tried our best to share with you, the diversity of the Indian Wilderness.

The first post on our blog was on Dholes, the Indian Wild Dog. And we never looked back after that! As we complete Year One, we thought it appropriate to write another post on Dholes. These sociable endangered predators live in packs of 2 to 20 individuals. The largest pack that we have ever seen till date are twenty eight dogs at one go! This sighting happened during one of our very first safari’s into the Bandipur national park, where we spent more than an hour following them on their hunt.

While Dholes lack the strength, speed or stealth of larger predators like the Tigers or Leopards, they make up for it with superior teamwork and stamina, thereby making them the most successful predator in the Indian Wilderness. However, it is very unfortunate that they are in the endangered list.

Here’s a collection of images on this tenacious predator,. All images were taken in the wild with the D300, 300mm f2.8 lens and 2x TC setup, with the exception of the wide angle shot that was taken with the D80, 12-24mm f4 lens.

Animal pictures - Dhole
Animal pictures - DholeAnimal pictures - DholeAnimal pictures - DholeAnimal pictures - Dhole