During our last trip to Corbett we were able to photograph adequate species of Doves and Pigeons to finally be able to do this long overdue post on these winged beauties. Emerald Dove is one of the most beautiful Doves found in India. They are a widespread resident, however, given their shy nature they make challenging photography subjects.

These Eurasian Collared Doves are another widespread species found in India. You can normally find them in the open dry country.

The Spotted Doves are the most common found in the Indian wilderness. You can find them feeding on the Safari tracks in every forest in India.

The odd man out in this series is this Yellow-footed Green Pigeon, which we photographed in the eastern ranges of the Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary in North-Eastern India.

We photographed this beautiful Laughing Dove in Bera when we were waiting to get a glimpse of the Leopard cubs.