The swamps of Amboseli attract many species of birds to the national park. In fact many of them are full time residents of the park. And one species found in large numbers at the water’s edge feeding on the fresh grass shoots is the Egyptian Goose. This time, we saw a flock of Goslings along with the parents. We noticed that one of the parent was always around the Goslings, protecting them from the hungry eyes of any predator who may be lurking close by.

We let the Goslings forage in peace and moved on. We hadn’t gone too far when we spotted another beautiful bird resident of the Amboseli swamps. It was the gorgeous African Jacana. We stopped till the bird ignored the parked vehicle and came well within the range of my 300mm f2.8 with 2x TC. It was interesting to see those amazing long legs. We then drove away from the swamp in the direction of the lodge when we saw a Spotted Hyena cub standing by the side of the road all by itself.

Our guide was quick to point out that there was a Spotted Hyena den site nearby. We didn’t have to wait long, before the care taker came out to check on the commotion. When she realised that we weren’t a threat, she hit the snooze button right there. It was a sight to see many Spotted Hyenas sleeping in the open. But I must admit the stench of some carcass, at the den site, was unbearable.