As we were observed the pride of Lions, time flew and the sun set fast. We had to leave the Lions to themselves and start our return journey to the resort. When we turned the vehicle and started moving, we noticed that the rest of the Pride were sleeping under an Acacia tree on the other side of the safari track. The sleeping Lions against the backdrop of the setting sun made a beautiful image and we took a few partial silhouette compositions and moved on.

Sleeping Lions

Sleeping Lions

The Silhouettes of the wildlife that we saw along the way, back to the resort, made for some interesting compositions. The Elephant herd, the Black Rhinoceros that we saw the previous day and the Giraffe in the distant horizon rounded off an eventful day at Masai Mara. The highlight of the day was ofcourse the migration of the Wildebeest.

Black Rhinoceros

African Elephants

Giraffe in setting sun