We entered the Kanha National Park on this cold winter morning, all excited since this was our maiden safari here. The main attraction of Kanha is its population of the Barasingha, also known as the Swamp Deer. Our agenda in Kanha was to observe and photograph the Barasingha in its many moods. That objective was off to a flying start when we sighted our first Barasingha at a distance from the road.

This handsome guy was trudging through the tall grass, with his intricate hairdo of grass that he had collected from the swamps. Our guide reminded us that this was the rutting season of the Barasingha and the big males spent a lot of time setting their hairdo to impress the opposite sex.

After putting some distance between our vehicle and himself, the huge male Barasingha turned towards the road. We stopped to see if he would cross the safari road. We didn’t have to wait too long before he came up onto the road and leisurely crossed it.