Continuing with our story of sighting the Tiger siblings in Bandhavgarh National Park – after Jobhi, the dominant female confronted one of the siblings, we waited with bated breath to see what would happen next. But fortunately for the second Tiger cub, the dominant Tigress did not confront him, but quietly disappeared into the Bandhavgarh wilderness. It was clear that scaring the first Tiger cub was a loud enough warning to both the cubs that they should never trespass into another Tiger’s territory. They were very fortunate to walk away with just hurt egos. The second cub emerged from the Lantana thicket and looked around for his brother and then tracked back along the same path that his brother took. Knowing this was exactly what was going to happen, our driver took our vehicle well ahead of the Tiger, along the road. The Tiger kept following us giving us many photo opportunities. Here as a few pictures as the frightened cub walked back into its mother’s territory.