We were on an evening safari in Kabini backwaters and were passing through an area, when we got the stench of an old carcass. And soon enough we spotted a Red-headed Vulture – one of the prime scavengers of the Indian forests. We caught a couple of pictures before it flew away.

It soon joined a flock of vultures perched on a nearby tree, waiting for us to move on so that they could get back to their business of finishing off that old carcass. We moved on and soon came upon an interesting sight of a Chital stag that had leaves around the base of its antlers, it looked like it had just been garlanded, making for a cool composition.

To make things more interesting, the garlanded Chital Stag walked towards a female nearby and soon they posed together making a gorgeous feature photo. Sometimes the most common species can make for an amazing picture, if we are patient enough. As we were leaving the scene, he turned around, giving us another perspective of the garlanded Chital.