We had just entered the Nagarhole national park while on a morning safari. And we saw a Peacock perched beautifully in the open. We immediately switched off the Jeep and rolled to a stop as close as possible to the Peacock. Fortunately for us, the Peacock did not perceive us to be a threat and went about it’s business.

Normally, you find Peacocks on the ground. And since you are sitting in the Jeep, the camera angle is almost always slanted. Thus making it challenging to get a clear background behind the bird. In this sighting, the Peacock was perched at a height on a dead tree trunk. It was at an eye level angle from the Jeep and made an interesting composition.

The Peacock continued sitting on the high perch and started to preen itself, displaying it’s gorgeous feather train. At one point it bent forward. While it did that, it’s head disappeared from view. That gave us an opportunity to focus solely on its feathers, as seen in the penultimate image. The last image is of another Peacock that came pretty close to the Jeep a little further ahead on the same safari giving us an opportunity to get a full frame image of just its face .

Peacock 6121

Peacock 6138

  Peacock 6131  Peacock 6146

Peacock 4235