The national bird of India – The Peacock is a large vibrant, blue colored bird with a distinct crest and an ornate tail train. The tail train is formed by 100+ upper tail-coverts. During the breeding season, normally in summer, the Peacock uses its tail train in an elaborate courtship display and the ensuing unique dance not only attracts the Peahen, but is also a visual treat for photographers and bird watchers alike.We have been fortunate to observe a couple of Peacocks during their courtship dance and surely enough it has been quite a spectacular experience that provides many lovely photo opportunities.

Here’s a collection of images from one such recent sighting; you can see the exquisite train of this majestic bird in the first image, which it skillfully uses in its courtship dance portrayed in the rest of the images.

All images have been taken with the D300, 300mm F2.8 mounted with the 2x TC.

Pictures of PeacockPictures of PeacockPictures of PeacockPictures of PeacockPictures of Peacock