The magnificent sunset that we witnessed the previous evening in the Dhikala grasslands of Corbett National Park, and more importantly the resulting light and shadow play on the Dhikala grasslands was truly breathtaking. We were keen to get into the Dhikala grasslands early, before dawn, to catch the “light and shadow” play show once again as it unfolded at the sunrise.

It was a cold winter morning and when we reached the Dhikala grasslands, we saw that a fog was hovering over the grasslands. We checked our camera settings and eagerly waited for the sunrise and just as the first golden light broke through the fog and lit the grasslands, it formed a spectacular cast of the gold on the grasslands. Along with the whitish fog hovering over the golden grasslands formed the theme for the the feature image (above).

Deers at sunrise in Dhikala Grasslands

As the sunlight fell on the grasslands, it turned everything into gold and it was a magnificent sight to watch this herd of Chital, Spotted Deer, especially the stag with its elaborate antlers (above), walking through the tall golden grass. And finally when the sun rose over the treeline, it lit up the fog as well and the hovering fog turned gold. It was pure magical and the sight (below) will be itched in our memories for a lifetime.

Sunrise in Dhikala Grasslands

Sunrise in Dhikala Grasslands

After witnessing the sunrise, we drove closer to the bank of Ramganga river. With the rising sun, the fog started clearing and as it did it was lifting slowly from the water and we captured the mesmerizing effect (above & below).

Sunrise in Dhikala Grasslands

Finally it was time for to return back to the lodge and closer to the lodge, we drove past the famous Dhikala dead tree trunks. The Dhikala’s dead tree trunks against the blue skies made an postcard picture of Dhikala (below).

Dead Tree trunks at sunrise in Dhikala Grasslands