We are leaving today (2nd Aug) to Mumbai to participate in the auditions of the “Great Driving Challenge” (GDC) contest. This contest is about photography, blogging and driving. It has been quite a journey for us this far and in the next three days we will get to know whether we make it to the Top 3 finalists or not. The Top 3 get to go on a 10-day, 3000 km drive through a pre-determined route through India. And while on this 10 day trip, each of the teams will be blogging about their experiences at a separate individual blog created for the GDC. Our blog is here

We call ourselves ‘Tarmac Tigers’ with our motto, which could not have been anything else but related to wildlife – ‘Discover Untamed India’.Our travel plan will take us through a dozen wildlife sanctuaries, many of them where we have never been to before. We hope to capture untamed India through vivid and thrilling experiences that cover everything wild – from the Tigers in Bandipur to the Malabar Gliding Tree Frog in Amboli ghats. Our GDC blog is being updated daily since 26th July.

The GDC is close to our heart and we invite you to support us by signing up as followers. Your comments and testimonials are our energy boosters that will keep us going through this gruelling 10-day drive through the Indian wilderness.

Given the fact that we will be in Mumbai for the auditions starting today (2nd Aug) and might be driving from 6th Aug (if we are one of the lucky 3 finalists), our next post on ‘Walk the wilderness’ would be delayed. In the meantime you can catch our daily wildlife experiences at our GDC blog. As always, we look forward to your support and pl. consider signing up to follow ‘Discover Untamed India’.