On an evening game drive in Amboseli National Park, we saw a pair of Grey Crowned Cranes foraging close to the road and we stopped to get a picture. I waited till the famous Crown was perfectly spread by the wind and took a few pictures. I timed a capture when the Grey Crowned Crane looked directly at me and made that the feature image of this post.

We got frame filling compositions of this huge Jumbo busy foraging in deep swamp. I especially liked the picture (below) where it turned around in our direction while continuing to pick the fresh grass. On a different note, the normally busy ever flying Wire-tailed Swallow was taking a break on a blade of long grass making a lovely portrait.

Even the omnipresent common Lesser Egret took a moment to pose for us and we finally would like to wrap this post with the juvenile Spider hunter that was constantly following its parent and pleading for food.