The Grey-headed Fish Eagle is a forest dwelling raptor and as the name goes, it is known to be a specialist fish eater. It is a widespread local resident in most parts of Southern Asia. Although widely distributed, it’s population is declining due to the loss of forested wetlands. As a consequence, the Grey-headed Fish Eagle is categorized as one of the “Near Threatened” species.

While we have seen this species many times in Southern India, we got lucky when we visited the Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary where we got to observe and photograph this species at close quarters. Here are a series of images taken with the D300, 300mm f2.8 lens mounted with the 2x TC. All images are taken in RAW mode, post processed in Nikon Capture NX 2.0. Pl. note all images are copyright of Thomas and Shilpy. Pl. contact us on in case you are interested in any of these images.