A game drive in Maasai Mara is always exciting given the wide variety of birds and animals. On this drive we got within striking (photography) distance to get some lovely pictures of two of the Big 5’s and frame filling compositions of the Hadeda Ibis. The Hadeda Ibis is known for its Haa-de-daa call, a distress call, normally spotted during dawn and dusk. It was just amazing to photograph this bird up close in its vibrant plumage. While we were photographing the Ibis, we paused to let this gentle giant cross the road and we took a quick picture of him.

We also froze a glimpse of this Maasai Giraffe as it gingerly walked away from the road as we came to have a closer look. But this post is dedicated to the mesmerising colours of the Hadeda Ibis, that gave us enough and more time to photograph it.

This beauty was not bothered about our presence as it went about leisurely and throughly preening itself. And finally, we caught a glimpse of the Long-crested Eagle and it sat scanning the Maasai Mara savannah for potential prey.