In our last trip to Ladakh, we were on our journey from Nubra Valley to Pangong Lake, right after breakfast, only to be stopped almost immediately by the amazing Diksit Monastery. We took a quick detour to see the monastery and were treated with incredible vistas of the Nubra Valley.

We were driving through the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary, before entering Pangong Lake, when we noticed a few tourist vehicles parked by the side of the road. Our driver was quick to point out that they might be watching the Himalayan Marmots that might be out of their burrows, feeding and sunbathing.

It was very clear that these Himalayan Marmots, though wild, were used to humans since they were coming up close to feed on the peanuts brought by these tourists. It was a pity to watch the tourists feeding the Marmots and taking pictures with them. It was more like being in a zoo though this was indeed the Changthang Wildlife Sanctuary.

And as we entered the Pangong Lake area a light rain greeted us and we watched a herd of Pashmina Goats graze along the mountain side.