The largest and most powerful of all wild cattle species – the Indian Gaur is yet another threatened bovine species in India after the Asiatic Buffalo. Given the sheer size and power of the Gaur, it has very few natural enemies. However, one of its enemies is the Tiger, which is known to comfortably hunt down an adult Gaur. The primary reason for the Gaur to be categorized as a ‘vulnerable’ species is its diminishing habitat and susceptibility to bovine diseases.

Like the water buffalo herds the Gaur herds are also headed by an adult female. The adult males are mostly solitary, however one tends to see an adult male closely following a herd of Gaurs comprising of the female and their calves.

Given their huge size and dark plumage, Gaurs are challenging photography subjects especially when you are using telephoto lenses. It is quite a wildlife experience to watch these mammals at 600 mm focal length. We have tried to do justice to this endangered species with our favorite D300, 300mm f2.8 lens and at times with the 2x TC mounted.