We were yet again in our favourite Jungle Lodges property situated on the banks of the Kabini Backwaters in the Nagarhole National Park. Soon we headed out on our first safari of this visit and we drove around the whole evening with no sightings of any mammals. However, as we headed out of the park, we spotted this Tiger resting by a waterhole, in almost zero light conditions. The picture is to just give you the experience of spotting a Tiger, once dusk has set in.

On the next drive we got luckier and we caught yet another Tiger just in time, before it disappeared into the lantana bushes of the Kabini wilderness. It did give us a couple of minutes to get some record shots. It was truly incredible to see how beautifully the Tiger is camouflaged, since it literally vanishes in thin air when it ambles off in the lantana bushes.

The following evening drive, we first headed towards the Kabini Backwaters and we saw this massive Tusker walking along the banks of the Kabini river. The Chitals grazing in the background made for a lovely picture of the backwaters.