It had been a while since we visited Kabini and this time around we stayed at The Serai. We noticed a pair of Sunbirds feasting on the flowers next to the cottages and we got these images while I was testing out the 500mm f4 lens on my D700.

The pictures of the Sunbirds were good enough to give me the confidence to put the 500mm f4 to more serious wildlife photography. We embarked on our evening safari in Kabini and were welcomed by seasonal late afternoon showers that left a haze lingering through the damp forest giving the forest a mystical ambience.

As we drove deeper into Kabini, this Sambar Deer, with its fur dripping wet from the showers, was the lone sighting given the damp conditions. The next day morning safari was made better by the chance sighting of the Crested Hawk Eagle feasting on a kill. And that is the feature image of this post. The morning sun broke cover briefly and the omnipresent Indian Roller took the opportunity to dry itself.