When you see a Tiger or Leopard in Kabini on a safari, it becomes the focal point of the entire safari experience. However, Kabini has a lot of offer apart from the predators. This jeep safari showcases the wide variety of species that one could see in the forest. The passing Asiatic Elephant (seen below) is one of the many species of herbivores that reside all round the year at Kabini, thanks to the backwaters of the dam.

Sambar Deer are another widespread resident of Kabini, but are typically more camera shy than some of the other animals you see here. This Sambar who scuttled past our vehicle, was in a state of caution, as seen from his raised tail. The Indian Gaur is the largest wild cattle in the world and it is another commonly spotted species in Kabini.

A wide variety of bird species are also spotted in Kabini, once again thanks to the availability of water all year round. This Yellow-footed Green Pigeon was perched close to the water’s edge at a famous water hole known as Tiger Tank, which gets its name from the fact that Tigers come here frequently to quench their thirst. We took a few pictures of this Crested Serpent Eagle as it came down to quench its thirst.