If we haven’t said this many times over, then we are not doing justice to Kanha National Park – it is truly the land of the Barasingha. It’s called Barasingha because its antler has 12-tips and in the local language, ‘Barah’ means 12 and ‘Singha’ means ‘antler’. Here are some pictures of the many Barasinghas that we photographed on this trip to Kanha. Given that it was the rutting season for them, soon enough we saw stags parading around with a hairdo of swamp grass.

This Barasingha was caught while it was initiating the process of getting the incredible hairdo of grass. We were told that tt takes several years before the antlers of a young stag grow to the full size of 12-tips.

This is an interesting behaviour of Barasinghas – here we see two sub-adults on the lookout for each other, when one of them is resting in the tall grass. Their antlers too haven’t reached the full size of having 12-tips.