The early sunsets in the Kaziranga national parkduring winters gave us few wonderful opportunities to photograph wildlife is a completely different setting. Here are some of those images taken in the Twilight Zone.

We heard alarm calls near this lake and patiently waited for over an hour to see if we could get a glimpse of a Royal Bengal Tiger. We missed out on the Tiger but were fortunate to get an opportunity to photograph this Indian Rhinoceros, which was crossing the lake just as the sun had set.This Rhino mother and calf were peacefully grazing near a water body inside the Kaziranga national park and the twilight zone lighting just added to the magic.

The yellow orb of the setting sun is absolutely mesmerizing during the chilly winter evenings in the Kaziranga national park. As the sun set for the day, this black-necked stork made a perfect landing while the common sandpiper looked on. Wildlife photography has taught us never to never put down the camera until there is absolutely no natural light. And that learning paid us rich dividends when one evening this huge Rhino bull decided to mock charge us during the twilight zone just as we were exiting the Kaziranga national park.