After the amazing sighting of the sub-adult Tigers at one far end of Bandhavgarh National Park, we headed back in the direction of the park gates while on the lookout for more wildlife. As we passed a man-made water saucer adjacent to the road, one of the last destinations for thirsty fauna, our naturalist and guide spotted a Tiger. Actually we had missed the Tiger since it was resting in the water, well hidden by the tall grass surrounding the saucer. Our naturalist spotted the pug marks along the side of the road going in the opposite direction and we retraced our path back to the saucer to catch a glimpse of the Tiger.

We were fortunate since we were the only Jeep around. The Tiger shifted its position and we manoeuvred our vehicle to get a decent glimpse of him, even though he was partially hidden by the tall grass. When we got a clear view of his face, our guide quickly identified him as the most dominant Tiger of the Bandhavgarh, you can say the King of Bandhavgarh.

We were able to get an idea of his massive bulk when he stepped out of the waterhole and headed back into the forest. In the process he crossed the road giving us an incredible view of his true size. He was indeed a huge Tiger, no wonder he carries the crown of the King of Bandhavgarh.