After several safaris into the Amboseli National Park, we were yet to see any African Lion. And our driver-guide wanted to make one last attempt to search for them on one of our game drives. We started off on a good note with the sighting of yet another African Elephant, this time with a suckling calf.

The mother and calf crossed the road in front of us making a lovely picture. As we moved further into the park, we saw a male Reedbuck sitting in the open and we made good the opportunity with a crisp picture of him.

Our next subject was the Common Fiscal that was perched beautifully on top of a shrub at near eye-level making the background blur into a near perfect bokeh. As we moved forward, we noticed this Lilac-breasted Roller sitting on an open perch in perfect light and we clicked a picture when it looked at the camera. But the side profile made for an even better composition, which we used as the feature image (first image) of this post.