This was an amazing experience we had in Maasai Mara. We saw how much of patience is required by Lions while they go about stalking and killing a prey. And they are not always successful! In this instance, it was truly incredible to watch a Lioness patiently stalk a herd of Wildebeest getting closer and closer to them. At one time I got her in the same frame as the Wildebeest. But they were still unaware of her presence.

A Spotted Hyena appeared out of nowhere and as it walked right past the herd it seemed absolutely uninterested in them. The Lioness continued stalking the Wildebeest herd and at one point I got all of them in the same frame – the feature image of this post. Very soon, we saw the Spotted Hyena return with its pack and to our utter disbelief, bust the Lioness’s cover.

Thanks to the pack of Spotted Hyena exposing the Lioness, the Wildebeest herd kept her in sight. With her cover completely blown and with the annoying Spotted Hyena around, the Lioness gave up her stalking and walked away.