We were on our last safari of this trip in the Kabini backwaters of the Nagarhole National Park. Little were we aware that we would be ending our trip on a high. Many of us would have sighted a Spotted Deer mother with a suckling Fawn, however two Fawns suckling at the same time is a rarity and that is what we spotted and were quick to click a couple of pictures of the rare sighting.

We drove along the power-line tracks when we came to a dead stop. Our guide pointed to a huge Asiatic Elephant grazing by the side of the tracks a little ahead, but right next to the road. We hesitated getting any closer given his size. And were in for a treat when he lifted his head to throw some wet mud onto his back. And that’s when we got our fist glimpse of his massive tusks. What a sight !

Now our driver was even more sceptical to drive past this mammoth and we waited for him to retread a little from the road. It was an amazing sight to watch him casually graze along the road. After a few minutes of waiting, we realised our road block is not going to go anywhere and we decided to drive past him, since it was time to exit the park. As we drove past him, we realised that he would probably be the Asiatic Elephant with longest tusks that we have seen till date. We paused to take a couple of pictures of his amazing tusks before heading back to the exit of the park.