For us, Maasai Mara is the ultimate paradise on this planet. We have tried to capture the many moods of Maasai Mara photographed on this trip especially during Sunrise and Sunset. The feature image (above) is a gorgeous sunset that we witnessed one day. You can see more pictures of that sunset here. Sunrise is captivating too, especially if there is a lingering fog and dew as a result of it. The view (below) is taken from the deck of Mara Serena, just as the sun was rising.



The mountains in the distance turned colorful one evening. Again this was photographed from the deck of Mara Serena. The view (below) is of the small hill on top of which Mara Serena is situated. This was taken on a cloudy evening.



The golden sunset is yet another fiery evening in Maasai Mara and finally the picture (below) is yet another magical sunset when the skies express their gratitude donning many colors.