The biggest of all squirrels is India is the Malabar Giant Squirrel, which is also the mascot of the Satpura National Park. We were resting in-between safaris at the Churna guest house in the Bori range of the Satpura National Park. While we sat around sharing stories, a Malabar Giant Squirrel came right up to us. I guess it was looking for food. It was very bold and we were intrigued by the fact that it would take a banana right out of the onlooker’s hands!

As we headed back for our afternoon drive, we spotted a huge male Gaur, which walked right past us, showcasing his huge bulk.

We heard Sambar Deer alarm calls and thought we might just get a glimpse of another Tiger. As we waited, we saw an agitated Sambar Deer scuttle across the road in front of us, making for a nice composition.