Continuing with the theme of “Birding in India” – # 1, here’s another series of birds shot during the same trip to Thattekad, Kerala. I hope you like them.The highlight of our trip to Thattekad was getting to see and photograph the Malabar Trogons, one of the most beautiful and colourful birds found here. Our treks through leech infested tracks were rewarded with this image of the female Malabar Trogon.

The Malabar Grey Hornbill is a widespread resident in this part of the country. Similar to other Hornbill species, they too have a huge bill and large eyes.

These images of the Plum-headed Parakeets were taken on our way to a dam site, which was a known habitat for the Black Crested Bulbul and the Yellow Browed Bulbul. We were traveling in an auto (3 wheeler similar to the Tuk-Tuks in Thailand) to reach the site, when we spotted a flock of Parakeets on the way. While we were’nt lucky with the bulbuls, we were fortunate to get these eye-level shots of Parakeets. Parakeets normally are perched high in the canopy.

These images of the Malabar Trogon – male were the last shots on this incredible trip to Thattekad, Kerala.