The afternoon Monsoon showers drenched the canopy turning everything into a hyper saturated mode. I setup shop Рread camera setup, on the balcony of my suite at Coorg Wilderness Resort in Madikeri and was soaking in the saut̩ed hues of the view when this Scarlet Minivet flew by and sat on a distance perch. I took a couple of pictures, one as she took off to settle down in a perch closer to me.

The closer perch made a gorgeous composition that rendered the Scarlet Minivet against a clear background. As soon as the Minivet flew away, my attention was caught by a White-cheeked Barbet preening itself to get itself dry from the rain showers – making another super-saturated composition.

And then the skies opened up turning into a heavy downpour. While I sat enjoying the rains in the hills, a Scarlet Minivet male came and stat on a branch right in front of my Suite. I cranked up the ISO and got some pictures of the Minivet that seemed to be enjoying getting soaked in the rains.