This trip of ours to Kabini coincided with the onset of monsoon. The pre-monsoon showers had converted the park into a lush green paradise. During the monsoon season, it Invariably begins to rain just around the safari hours and everybody including the wildlife scuttle for cover reducing the chances of sightings. Given this background, when I look back at this trip to Kabini, I consider myself very fortunate to have sighted so many wildlife species during this safari, and some of them made stunning compositions. The feature image (above) is that of a Grey Junglefowl that was resting in a one-legged stance trying to dry itself when it had stopped raining. We were very lucky to have spotted this Crested Serpent Eagle feasting on a Toad.

Given the continous showers, most Elephant herds had moved deep into the Kabini forests and this (above) herd was one of the few that we saw on this trip. Gaurs are omnipresent during the monsoon season given the lush green abundance and this one (below) was lazily crossing the road. You can see how damp the conditions were.

We spent a good 30 minutes watching this pack of Wild Dogs (Dhole) playing amongst themselves in the torrential downpour. While photography was near impossible, we did take a few record shots (above) to document the great time these Wild Dogs were having. Sights like the Crested Serpent Eagle (below) drying itself are common all around the Kabini wilderness during the rains.