After an exciting morning safari in the Masai Mara reserve where we witnessed – a Topi displaying unique behavior, hot air balloons gliding across the horizon, an encounter with Spotted Hyena family and finally sighting the critically endangered Black Rhinoceros, we returned to the Mara Serena for breakfast. Since we had reached the hotel the previous evening after sunset and had headed off early in the morning for the safari, we never got a chance to see the breathtaking views of Masai Mara from the hotel.

The Mara Serena resort is the only hotel located within the Mara triangle. It gives a spectacular view of the Masai Mara reserve. The first image is the signature view of the Mara Serena showing a part of the hotel rooms in the foreground with the Masai Mara reserve in the background. The second image is the 360 degree view of the Masai Mara reserve from the swimming pool area of the hotel. The third image is the view of the reserve and the fourth is of the Mara river as seen from the hotel room. The next image is of the waterhole next to the swimming pool where you occasionally find Cape Buffaloes. And the last image is of an old Cape Buffalo bull that emerged from the waterhole that is featured in the previous photograph.Mara Serena

Mara River

Mara Serena

Cape Buffalo