Wildlife photography comes with the added benefit of witnessing many sunrises and sunsets in the wilderness since you enter the parks early in the morning and are around till the twilight hours. Every forest reserves its best views for  these times with the play of lights and shadows kindling the creative imagination of a willing mind. Every now and then we make it a point to stop in our tracks and take a few moments to admire the light and shadow show that the forest puts up every dawn and dusk.

During one of our trips, we stayed at the Jungle Lodges Resort situated on the banks of the Bhadra backwaters adjoining the Bhadra national park. The sitout of every loghut offers an incredible view of the backwaters. Given the fact that the backwaters is to the west of the loghut, you get some mesmerising views at sunset. As wildlife photography is our passion, we make it a point to go on every single jeep safari into the national park. However, here we were confronted with a situation that to photograph the gorgeous sunset on the backwaters, one of us had to let go of an evening jeep safari and stay put in the camp.

Shilpy made our decision easier by opting to stay back at the camp to see the sunset and I happily went on the safari. The safari turned out to be normal one with the usual sightings of the Peacock, Deer and an occasional Gaur. However Shilpy seemed very  happy to have stayed back to see the sun set on the backwater. One look at a couple of images and I realized I had missed out on a magnificent sunset in all its glory. She first took a few images from the sitout area of the loghut and later moved  the bridge on the river to get some stunning views of this spectacular light show.