In the previous post on Topi, you might have noticed some images with a hot air balloon in the distant background. As the morning sun lights up the Masai Mara reserve, many hot air balloons take to the skies. Balloon Safari is very popular amongst tourists since it gives a whole new perspective of the Masai Mara reserve.

The balloons floating across the Masai Mara horizon make for some beautiful postcard images. In this post, we track one such balloon as it takes off into the skies, floats over the land and finally makes a descent. You catch a glimpse of a different Mara terrain in each stage of the balloon’s flight. The last image is of a different balloon that had changed direction and floated over our Land Cruiser. And we took the image as it crossed us. We too did a balloon safari during our stay there and will cover that in an exclusive post later in the series.

Balloon Safari 0956

Balloon Safari 6852

Balloon Safari 6853

Balloon Safari 6854

Balloon Safari 0959