One evening as we were about to exit the Amboseli National Park to return to our lodge, we noticed an African Elephant with a calf by the side of the road. As we came closer to it to get a couple of pictures, we noticed that the calf was very young. Our guide pointed out that this calf would only be a couple of days old.

Seeing the approaching vehicle, the mother moved towards the new born in a protective posture. We quickly switched off the engine and waited patiently to observe the interaction between the mother and the new born. When the mother realised that we were not a threat, she eased a bit and got back to grazing.

When we saw that the new born calf was a little away from the mother, we took a couple of closeup pictures. You can see from the pictures as to how young the calf was. Seeing the calf alone, another sub-adult from the herd came to offer it some moral support.