We were on a Tiger’s trail in Ranthambore National Park and watched her mess-up a hunt. As she headed back into the tall grass, our guide was quick to point out that she might emerge on the road on the other side and we quickly drove around to get there. When we reached the other side, it was very crowded with numerous jeeps driving around in circles trying to be the one to spot the Tigress emerge from the tall grass. And as expected the Tigress did emerge on the other side, but many jeeps missed her and they came rushing to where she broke cover. We being one of the last ones to arrive on the scene were lucky to have the Tigress walk towards us on the road with a host of jeeps in tow. With so many jeeps driving around, it threw up a manmade dust storm. The unfortunate Tigress was caught right in the middle of all the dust.

As the Tigress took a turn on the road, right next to our jeep, leading her away into a different zone where the other jeeps couldn’t follow. We bid her farewell with these final pictures on this trip to Ranthambore.