A few packs of Wild Dogs, popularly known as Indian Dhole, have made Kabini their home and every once in a while, during a safari you stumble upon them. On this trip to Kabini, we sighted one such pack of Wild Dogs on our first drive into the park. At first, they were cautiously trying to sniff the scent of any other adjacent pack that might have been in this area.

However once they figured out that the coast was clear, they started to relax a bit. We caught one of them yawning while the others were scouting the nearby lantana for possible prey. When they didn’t find anything of interest, they came back onto the road ahead of our vehicle.

While the dominant female kept looking around for a possible prey, the rest of the pack, five to be specific, settled down on the road, a safe distance from us. They were taking a breather, and we decided to head forward in search of more action.