“The Fishing Guy” passed on the “Hot Blog Award” to us. We sincerely thank him for considering our blog worthy of this award and we dedicate this post to him as a gesture of our humble gratitude.
The last time we passed on a blog award, some friends expressed concern that blog awards are similar to chain mails and they wanted to avoid getting into this. We fully understand and appreciate their concern. Based on this experience we decided that while we will acknowledge blog awards passed on to us, we will refrain from passing it on.
Now coming to the post, the Raptor of the week is the Crested Hawk Eagle(CHE). The CHE is a widespread resident of the Indian wilderness. However, unlike the Crested Serpent Eagle, this is a very shy subject and rarely sits on an open perch. Here’s a compilation of images of this majestic subject.

This juvenile was sitting on a beautiful perch in the lovely morning light just for a few minutes and we managed to get this shot at 300mm focal length.

We got this almost full frame image while following the CHE who was looking for food along the jeep track.
The next couple of images show the CHE in its commonly seen stance.
We used our car as a hide to get this close-up at 600mm (300 + 2x TC). This CHE was perched on the trees along the state highway, which passes through the forest in Bandipur, India. It was busy scouting for food when we got this shot.