While we titled this post after the beautiful Pink-backed Pelican that we spotted in Amboseli National Park, I could not take my eyes of the majestic Tusker that we saw non-chalantly grazing by the roadside in knee-deep swamp. Hence we made it the feature image (first image) of this post. The Pink-backed Pelican (below) of course came a close second.

We first saw the African Elephant at a distance (above) and when we got closer we were awed by his massive size and framed him in a landscape composition that made the feature image. This funny one-legged pose of the Purple Heron (below) caught our attention as we headed back to the lodge.

The one-legged pose soon transformed into a long winding stretch that gave a glimpse of its huge wing span. The Intermediate Egret preening itselt, even though it was backlit, was a nice picture that we took before heading back to the Serena lodge for breakfast.