After the spectacular sighting of Arrowhead (a young Bengal Tigress) in Ranthambore National Park, we went back to the Lake area in the middle of the park. As we drove by the lake, I spotted the dark outline of a Tiger and we immediately stopped to check it out. Indeed it was a Tiger that was hidden in the tall grass.

It was almost time to exit the park, hence we left the Tiger behind and came back to the exact same area that we had come to during the morning safari. This time there were a few more tourist jeeps standing there and they had seen the Tiger moving around in the grass. We waited for a few minutes and then the Tiger stood up in the grass and we spotted him again. Our naturalist, given his vast experience in Ranthambore, pointed out that this Tiger was affectionally called Packman by the park officials. He was quite well versed with Packman’s behaviour and told us that the Tiger would be coming out of the grass anytime now. Under his instructions the driver went and parked our vehicle at a different side of the lake, and we waited. After about an hour of waiting, the Tiger once again showed himself and that’s when we got the feature image (first image) of this post. But instead of getting out of the tall grass, the Tiger once again sad down in the grass, this time with its back to us.

He finally emerged from the lake after almost more than an hour. However to give credit to our naturalist, he crossed the safari track right past our vehicle and headed into the Ranthambore wilderness.