We were on the lookout for Tigers in the buffer zone of Ranthambore National Park. Though we heard a couple of alarm calls here and there, we didn’t spot them. Our excitement levels was waning, when we saw a couple of jeeps waiting along the side of the road and they said they had briefly spotted a Tiger with possibly a kill hidden deep in the thicket. And then we spotted the Tiger too – it was a juvenile for sure and it was well camouflaged and much further away from us, one could barely see it. When we saw this Tiger, we were sure his brother wouldn’t be far away and we decided to go looking for him. After a bit of searching, we spotted him. Not far away, but again well camouflaged in the thick shrubs. But he wasn’t too far from the road and surely not out of my D6-600mm lens’ reach. Here are a few pictures of the youngster.